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I have no clear recollection of being abducted by aliens!

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a little about me

I am a wanna-be musician, a not-at-all-prolific poet, and a practitioner of happy magick!
Nerdiness exudes from me: I totally dig playing with computers. Slackware Linux
is my fave! I also find Ubuntu a useful tool, but my music studio runs on Windows 10 -(
I revel in time spent with my lovely, amazing wife. I enjoy music: playing, writing,
even just listening. Ahhhh. Sometimes I blog; sometimes I build web pages; sometimes I
wear a skirt; but all the time I am just plain wierd. Hallelujah!

random noise and propaganda

curreedy.com featuring the popular Network Card MAC Address to Manufacturer Cross-Reference

If you like Linux, you'll love my Linux Documentation Project mirror

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